The internet is our playground. We love creating brands from scratch as well as helping existing brands to grow. We use social media as a powerful growth tool and take pride in generating creative ideas to cut through the ever-growing noise online.

We are grateful to be living in this moment in history. Our long term plan? To create products that people love and continue to embrace all of the great opportunities that the internet has to offer.

Our People

James Brooks

Simone Gobbo

Things We Value

This is at the core of who we are

Being yourself is the best person you can be

If it’s not the best quality, it’s not good enough

Bullshit isn’t welcome here

If we don’t try things out, we have already failed

One of life’s greatest joys is learning new things

Knowledge and resources exist to be shared

  • Our Story

  • January 2012

    James starts a creative agency on the side whilst working a full time job

  • March 2012

    James quits his head of social media job to run the creative agency full time

  • June 2013

    Simone comes to the UK from Italy to work in the creative agency as an intern

  • January 2014

    James & Simone decide to go into business together and create a new digital agency

  • January 2015

    The agency moves to East Devon to be in the countryside but have easy access to London

  • April 2015

    Moustache Stationery launches – one of the world’s first stationery subscription boxes

  • June 2015

    The Old Street Barber Company launches – grooming products for bearded men

  • November 2015

    Moustache Stationery is acquired by a company in Vancouver, Canada

  • May 2016

    Show & Tell is born – an idea agency to be the umbrella of our brands and projects