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jovoto. Our Promised Land

Show & Tell has always been about ideas. We are trying to give shape to the concept of an idea agency. A place where ideas are considered the cornerstone of what we do. We think that coming up with ideas is our strongest point. We are at ease when we ...
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How Not To Start a Business Like a Moron

I woke up the next morning to a voicemail from the Manila Police Department. The shockingly aggressive message left by Mr Santiago said that they were looking for Daniel*. They wanted him to call immediately. I don’t know what he did wrong. What I do know is that shortly after, ...
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How Your Toilet Will Become Your Doctor

Recently I have started a new hobby. Reddit. It’s a brilliant website. It represents the internet well. It is full of amazing information. It also has a lot of, let’s say “alternative” people on it. I read a couple of rather disturbing stories on Reddit recently. Allow me to briefly ...
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