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Boring People Aren’t Creative (but they are lazy)


What if I were to tell you that you are in control of your creativity?

So many people seem to think that creativity is some kind of cosmic power that hits people during random moments of inspiration.

Others think that some people are just naturally more gifted than others when it comes to creativity. They may be right.
However, the most creative people I know seem to have a very specific trait.

They aren’t boring.

They are the exact opposite of boring.

They are people who eat life. They feast on variety and spontaneity.

If you are someone who never has anything interesting to say, you are probably a boring person.

If you literally eat, sleep, and work a job that you hate with nothing in-between, you are probably a boring person.

Being a boring person is pure laziness.

It’s like being someone that is so lazy that you are too lazy to eat. You slowly die.

Creative people. They do shit.

To me there are two very strong foundations to being a creative person. I’m not talking a creative person who has random creativity when inspiration strikes. I am talking someone from whom creativity flows like a fountain.

Do you want to be more creative than you ever imagined you could be?

Do you want to come up with the craziest and most incredible ideas and concepts of your life?

Ditch the idea that inspiration is random. Ditch the idea that creativity is fleeting.

Get these two foundations into your life. Make them your habits. Make them your life:

Do Something New. Every. Day.

Don’t be predictable. Predictable people are boring. Boring people aren’t creative.

Creativity is all about bringing together existing ideas to create something new. But how will you be able to be creative if you don’t know what is already existing?

If you do the same shit every day. Eat the same shit every day. Go to the same places every day. How will you know what’s out there? How will you be able to feed your brain with new experiences?

The brain takes these seemingly unrelated experiences at a later point in time and connects them. This forms the perfect storm of creativity.

Everything is relevant. The food you eat, the TV shows you watch, the vacations you take, the drinks you drink. Try new things.
Creative people feast at the vast buffet of life. They try every single dish. Be that guy. Pile your plate high.

Practise Creativity. Every. Day.

“This is why it’s important to exercise the idea muscle right now. If your idea muscle atrophies, then even at your lowest point you won’t have any ideas.”
James Altucher

I love the way that James Altucher likens creativity to a muscle. It’s so true.

Don’t believe the lie that creativity is somehow random. You can be creative on-demand all day long.

You just need to practise.

Add creativity into your daily routine. It doesn’t matter how it looks for you.

Maybe you want to go with James Altucher’s advice of writing 10 ideas a day. Maybe it’s write a blog post every day. Fill up one page in your sketchbook every day. Write a new song every day. Create a movie every day.

Whatever it is, do it every day.

The more you get your brain working, the easier it will find it to make those connections which bring creative ideas.

Make these two foundations of creativity daily habits and I guarantee you that within weeks, you will be leaving a trail of creativity wherever you go.

Never stop experiencing. Never stop practising. Never give up.

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Idea guy at The Show & Tell Co.

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