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How Your Toilet Will Become Your Doctor


Recently I have started a new hobby. Reddit.

It’s a brilliant website. It represents the internet well. It is full of amazing information. It also has a lot of, let’s say “alternative” people on it.

I read a couple of rather disturbing stories on Reddit recently. Allow me to briefly share:

The first was relating to a peculiar person who had brought two tupperware tubs with them to work. One had yesterday’s leftover chinese takeaway inside, the other, a stool sample to take to the doctors. Both were put inside the communal office fridge. I’m sure you can guess what happened at lunchtime. The wrong tub was microwaved. Whilst the tub was being microwaved it was left unattended. The story ends with a lot of vomiting and shame.

The second story is very odd. It talks of a person having their urine tasted by a friend. The friend commented how it tasted “very sweet”. Later the person gloats about this to another friend who happens to be a medical student. The person finds out that he has diabetes. Awkward.

I’m not a doctor, but I know that testing urine and stool samples can catch a lot of nasty diseases early on. However you have to go to your doctor and potentially risk being in one of the situations like the stories above. Well, only if you are a bit…abnormal.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

In the future your toilet will do all of the work for you. Forget fancy Japanese toilets that shoot a jet of water up your ass, one day your toilet will become your doctor.

Just imagine, your toilet regularly tests your urine and poo for signs of certain diseases (again not a doctor, but I know, for example, that blood is not good). If something is clearly not what it should be, your toilet makes an appointment directly with your doctor’s surgery or hospital (saving time and money if you need to see a specialist at the hospital directly). It also syncs with your calendar and creates the appointment in there.

It could also stop pregnant women having to carry pots of urine in their handbags constantly. It could help people who want to test daily if they are in ketosis, and sync the data right to their smartphone. It could tell you if you are dehydrated. As my wife points out, instead of pregnancy tests your toilet could just text you in the event that you are pregnant.

The possibilities are endless.

This could catch diseases like cancer and diabetes. It could catch some diseases early enough to help people to fully recover.

It will save lives.

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