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Invest in Yourself: How to Become More Awesome


I was sat in one of the largest offices in the building on my beautiful leather sofa. The office was completely glass fronted. Anyone walking past could see into our unusual space, which looked more like a hipster living room than a place of work. My team of 8 were working away on client projects. The TV was playing surf videos and our office Spotify playlist was blaring out.

Everyone thought we were complete assholes.

My business had grown around 700% in the last year but I was convinced that everyone just thought we had rich parents.

My mentor at the time had warned me that I needed to consider my ego when taking on this office. On the one hand it could be a massive boost to my confidence. However, should I need to downgrade in the future, it might dent my ego.

Within months the business took a fairly drastic change in direction. We didn’t need so many in-house staff. We moved out of the office. Though, we moved into a way nicer office. Ego still intact.

I still really miss my leather sofa.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without the mentor I had during that time. He helped me to focus on the important things. He saw the big picture when I was so fixated on tiny portions of it. He was wise. He moved away and I don’t speak to him much anymore.

It’s so important to have mentors. Why make mistakes for yourself when you can learn from others’ mistakes? What makes you think that you have all the answers?

We are so fortunate to be living in a time like now. More than ever we have access to some of the best mentors the world has to offer. You see, some of the best minds in the world spill their brains via various mediums. Blogs, books, vlogs, podcasts, interviews, etc.

I personally make a point of finding successful people who have achieved things I want to achieve. I then consume as much of their content as I can.

I take a two hour hike most days and listen to audiobooks. I take a bath every day and listen to at least one podcast whilst in the tub. When I am travelling away from the office I read lots.

Consuming this information is helping me to be a better person. A better husband, a better businessman, a better friend.

I urge you. Don’t go through life thinking you can do it alone. You need mentors. Invest in yourself. It will pay off.

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